With 3 offices in the Eastern United States and one in the Midwest JHV is positioned to respond to Emergency Storm Restoration needs, Nationwide 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

With minimal response time JHV will provide Safety, Supervision & Equipment along with Seasoned and Experienced IBEW ticketed Journeyman Line crews wherever needed. 

From devastating storms of the past such as Hurricane Andrew, to more recent storms such as Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Isaac where JHV provided over 350 crew members from Four States to assist Florida Power & Light, NextEra & Entergy in restoration efforts, JHV’s timely response & restoration expertise is our trademark.

Today, JHV stands ready to assist wherever and whenever needed, no restoration effort is too small or too big for our team to handle. 

Here is a sampling of our work history in the emergency response arena.

  • Hurricane Andrew: Florida, Louisiana
  • Hurricane Opal: Florida, Georgia
  • Hurricane Bertha & Fran: North Carolina
  • Hurricane Georges: Mississippi & Florida Keys
  • Hurricane Mitch: Florida
  • Hurricane Floyd: North Carolina
  • Tropical Storm Allison & related Tornadoes: Texas, Louisiana
  • Hurricane Isabel: North Carolina,Virginia
  • Hurricane Lili: Louisiana
  • Hurricane Charley: Florida, South Carolina
  • Hurricane Frances: Florida
  • Hurricane Ivan: Alabama, Florida
  • Hurricane Jeanne: Florida, Georgia
  • Hurricane Dennis: Florida
  • Hurricane Katrina: Florida, Louisiana & Mississippi
  • Hurricane Wilma: Florida
  • Hurricane Humberto: Texas & Louisiana
  • Hurricane Gustav: Louisiana
  • Hurricane Ike: Texas
  • Hurricane Earl: Massachusetts
  • Tornadoes:  Alabama
  • Derecho Wind Storm: Virginia/West Virginia
  • Hurricane Isaac: Florida Louisiana
  • Hurricane Sandy: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Jersey

Safety Program

Attention to the safety of both our employees and the job sites we work on is of the utmost importance. At JHV we promote a culture of safety for our employees through a comprehensive training program administered by our in-house Safety Director.

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JHV provides the manpower and equipment do any type of cable pull. We have the most powerful and best equipped machinery for cable pulling and have decades of experience to conquer difficult projects.


Jordan High Voltage’s Overhead division offers turnkey overhead solutions to utilities, co-ops
and rural co-ops, government institutions, and private customers.

Emergency Restoration

When unplanned power failures and outages occur, we are on-call for our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Timely response is our trademark.