To keep up with the ever increasing demand for renewable energy JHV has expanded our services to include renewable energy projects.

Wind Farms

JHV provides manpower and supervision from the initial phases of a project, including negotiations with landowners for property lease or purchase, road construction, and all phases of on-site construction, including:

  • Connections from the underground collection systems to pad-mounted transformers or other high voltage switchgear at the bottom of the tower
  • Cable installation
  • Transmission
  • Substations
  • Tower Wiring
  • Design & Planning

Solar Installation

JHV works with manufacturers and customers to provide solutions for all activities in the construction phase to include:

  • Assembly and connection of the solar modules, installation systems, inverters, and transformers
  • Trenching and cable installation to connect the system to the power grid and commission systems
  • Some types of installations include solar powered substations, solar powered street lights, and other specialty installations.

Safety Program

Attention to the safety of both our employees and the job sites we work on is of the utmost importance. At JHV we promote a culture of safety for our employees through a comprehensive training program administered by our in-house Safety Director.

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